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Despicable Me 2 by Illumination Entertainment


Kinder Eggs prepare to take over the world

Villain-turned-good Gru is recruited by the Anti-Villain League to track down a secret laboratory, which has been stolen from the Arctic Circle. The laboratory manufactures the mutating chemical PX-41, which will turn white fluffy rabbits into purple rabids within seconds.

Gru has with him his Minion helpers (Kinder egg type creatures in dungarees) and is assigned a sidekick in the form of the manic Lucy, who also turns out to be romantic interest.  Together Gru and Lucy go on the hunt for traces of PX-41, leaving a trail of destruction behind them; “secret” these two agents certainly ain’t.

The action was fairly lively, although I did fall asleep and miss the middle section of the film, so clearly I didn’t find the plot or the characters that riveting.

The Kinder Eggs are quite cute, but not hilarious.

The whole thing was OK, it had some jokes, and there were some exciting sequences, but it wasn’t like Monsters Inc, or Brave, both of which had great stories and characters you cared about.

Daughter #2 said “It was good”, so this should be an enjoyable afternoon’s entertainment for a twelve year old. But I wouldn’t have minded sitting in the car with a cup of coffee and my laptop instead.


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