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The Returned Episode 4

tvI missed last week’s episode, and didn’t manage to catch up until Friday. I don’t know why, but I kinda thought as it was the middle of the series, we were just going to be treading water for bit. Or more probably, I was so stunned by all the revelations in episodes 1-3 that I didn’t think anyone could possibly invent any more twists.

I was wrong.

“Disturbing developments with the twins,” my friend Anna had told me during the week.

Although before I even got round to thinking about the twins, it was a case of Oh No! Poor little Victor 😦

After that, it was all go with Adele, Simon and Thomas. A really extreme case of being torn between the one with whom you are safe (and who can provide a girl with a surprisingly nice house for a copper), and the one you desire… The plot device with Thomas watching Adele and Simon through the hidden camera was totally brilliant. (I love Adele’s little girl btw. She is so beautiful and has this eerie, calm, grown up presence.)

The fact that Lucy Clarsen (the first of the present day victims of the serial killer) claimed to be a clairvoyant was almost buried under all the drama, ditto the return of something from Pierre’s past … ?

Episode 5 post coming very soon.


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