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The Returned – Episode 5

tvSometimes we are treated to some gorgeous sun dappled views of beautifully architectured houses, or of the mountains and winding roads. But today it was mainly dark. It was dark everywhere. In the pub, in the hospitals, in the houses, in the bedrooms. In the present, in the past.

There wasn’t maybe as much drama in this episode as in previous ones. Not so many of the shocks or twists or turns. But it was different. It was more thought provoking. (Which is a weird thing to say about a situation and a concept that doesn’t really exist.)

What I thought was this: however much either side desires to cross it, there is too much of a barrier between the living and the dead. The dead want too much the things they cannot have. (Simon, Camille.) The living want too much the things they are still to have. (Adele and her daughter.) The dead understand too much that the living cannot…

With all the killing, past and present, who is dead?   Even the characters themselves are not too sure how to tell.  Cue much staring at self, especially for those characters with scars.  You don’t want scars.  Scars are a very bad sign in this town.

Some random questions:

– What happened between Léna and her father one year ago?

– What happened to split Julie and Laure up between the Batman party all those years ago, and the present day?  Does Laure really love Julie, or is this standard police procedure when you think someone’s going to top themselves?

– Why are they all using the underpass when there is barely any traffic in the town?

– Would you take your chances with the dangerous dead, or would you stay in the light of the living?

– What happens when you shoot someone who is already dead?

The first four could run and run, but hopefully we will at least get the answer to the fifth next week – have never known so many cliffhangers in one episode.


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