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The Returned – Episode 6, Channel 4, Sundays 9pm

tvOtherwise known as “When Dead People Go Bad…”

This week we find out what happens when you shoot someone who is already dead. The conclusion is somewhat worrying, bearing in mind that the dead have started to turn away from being the confused and disenfranchised, stuck in a shady world they don’t themselves understand, towards the hunger and anger that propelled Simon to beat up the cafe owner when refused a free meal.

The poor cafe owner is still bearing scars – apparently some more raids have been made upon his shop. This is not a good line of business in our mysterious mountain town.

“What’s happening?” asked Lovely Daughter #2 as the police examined Simon on the mortuary slab. She was not impressed with my explanation, which finished off with, “I think you need to have watched all the episodes to understand what’s going on.”

“It’s like Hustle,” she complained. ‘But even worse. I think they should bring back Hustle. That was a good programme.”

“Do you think this is a good programme?”


My main question now is – will all the dead turn bad? My thoughts are along the lines that there are going to be good dead and bad dead. I still think that Julie and Victor are good. But is that because Julie is only just coming to terms with the fact that she is dead? I thought that was a wonderful moment, in which Céline Sallette managed to conveyed intense anguish, wonderment and loneliness, all in one look. Loss at being cut off from the world in which she had thought she was living. But wonderment in having found in Victor someone who is like her.

However I have my suspicions too about angelic little Camille, who is now the sunshine filled poster girl for The Helping Hand community centre. When she first returned, Camille could not remember anything about what happened to her in the coach crash four years previously. So why is she now spinning all these yarns about the souls of her dead friends to their desperately mourning parents?

Anyway, we should know that sunshine always turns to darkness in this valley. (File under “end sequence”.) And what exactly is Helping Hand’s Pierre’s connection with the dead? We already know that he was involved in Victor’s death. What has happened to him since?

I am sure that Adèle is very thankful that she decided not to go with Simon last week.


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