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Les Revenants soundtrack – Mogwai (2013)

So I bought the Mogwai CD after all.

It’s having a different effect from the one I thought it would have – rather than making me feel that I am in danger of being attacked and ravaged for my internal organs, I put this on when I want to feel that I am living inside a different, glamorous world where I am someone beautiful, passionate and wistful, haunted by a secret, deadly and dangerous past. (Yeah, right, I hear you say – I can dream, though.)

It’s a bit soundtrack-y so hard to pull out highlight tracks.  Of course the opener Hungry Face always puts me in mind of Camille and the coach and the long winding walk.  Relative Hysteria is the one that sort of spirals up and up when you get some moment of emotional revelation, and Wizard Motor is my favourite – I love the dirty metallic guitar against the majestic waves of building chords.

Oh yes and there’s a weird track as well, What are they doing in Heaven Today?

I knew that it sounded like something else I had once owned. And it was driving me mad wondering what it was. I did know it must be something really bad, because I had since rid myself of it, and furthermore had suppressed all memory of it. The good community at

hit the nail on the head with “More Spiritualized than Spiritualized”.

I was aghast and traumatised to recollect that I had once owned a Spiritualized CD.

“These songs are a bit dirgy,” my husband said when he had the misfortune to come into the living room while it was on. “And that man can’t sing.”

“It’s an ironic purchase,” I said. “He’s singing about stopping his baby from crying. And we’ve got a baby. Although it doesn’t cry that often.”

Hormones can do some strange things to you. Did PMT make me buy a Mogwai CD? Or is it the real thing? Only time will tell.


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