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The Returned, Episode 8 (last one!): Channel 4, 9pm

tvI’ve been quiet – recovering from the last episode of The Returned, which was very very sad, and basically boiled down to a big fight on the top of the hill near the Helping Hand refuge.

Last week we left Julie and Laure running away with Victor, until they found out that they couldn’t. Something was stopping their car from escaping the perimeters of the village. In despair, they spent the night in the car, surrounded by hopeless, wandering presences (I’ve done that before – it’s called camping when you’ve forgotten your tent).

In the morning, they decided that the best thing to do was flee as fast as they could back where they came from – it was the only place to run to. However, this was not before they had stopped Toni from trying to jump off the dam, and then undone all their good work by having a minor bicker outside their car. (Someone tell me why lesbian relationships have to involve so much pointless navel gazing, and you will change my life…) while from the back seat little Victor helpfully pointed out to Toni the location of Laure’s gun in the glove compartment.

Toni did an amazing job of not dying, despite having shot himself at point blank range, until Laure and Julie got him back to the Helping Hand. I am sure some dramatic irony was meant by this, as it was during this escapade that Julie realised it was Toni who saved her all those years ago by dumping her at the hospital after she had been attacked by Toni’s brother, Serge.

All the living were at the Helping Hand, led by Police Chief Thomas and Murderer- Turned-Saviour Pierre. But not far behind were the dead, led by Lucy Clarsen, who looks like a bad angel (great dress sense, cruel smile – I hate her). When it was clear to those inside the refuge that they were surrounded and outnumbered, Thomas went out to talk to the dead and find out what their demands were, in what must be the biggest police negotiation of his life.  Let’s hope the training course was up to the job.

The episode got very traumatic and emotional at that point, as the massed made their demands, through Lucy. It was simple, they just wanted the dead back. But not all of the dead wanted to go back. They wanted to stay. And in a MASSIVE BETRAYAL most of the living wanted them to go back too… the sight of Thomas stalking the silent crowd to pick those out who were going to be returned to the Returned was heartbreaking, creepy, distressing.

They still weren’t happy with the return of Mrs Costa, Victor and Camille, though. It turned out that the unborn dead were included in the deal. You see, Adele’s post-death dalliance with Simon had led to her being pregnant. (The mind boggles.) Anyway, this was a step too far for Thomas. They could have all the others, but they couldn’t have Adele. He instructed the townspeople to barricade themselves inside, and then there was a big fight on the top of the hill. And in the morning, they were all gone. There was nothing but cold light, and the flooded houses below.

Very Persephone. I hope they are not lost forever.

Bring on Series 2. I will miss you, The Returned.


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