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Mono: Hymn to the Immortal Wind/Moloko: Do You Like My Tight Sweater?

?????????????Right, having typed my tastes into, it looks like I am into post-rock. This is a bit scary. I am not sure what sort of people like post-rock. Is this like Tubular Bells for the 21st Century? Am I really someone’s dad in a cardigan in disguise?

Having reassured myself that I am not someone’s dad (well, not last time I looked anyway), and needing something to listen to in order to while away the office hours, I decide to chance the new post-rock loving me. I narrow it down to a choice between Japanese outfit Mono and Texans This Will Destroy You. I fancy the idea of being a fan of a band called This Will Destroy You. However their samples from Amazon sound too much like Mogwai – no point in having essentially the same CD twice. Also, I clearly have an undiscovered affinity with Japanese art, judging from my recent taste in films. (I’ve always known that I liked Kazuo Ishiguro, but I thought that was as far as it went.)

So here we fly, off into the Cloud to find some Mono

…and Mono produce some really long songs. The thing about the samples is that they usually showcase the catchiest part of the tune, which you will often vaguely think you recognise.  So I’m sitting in the office thinking, these songs are really long, and where’s the hook?  I also feel like a right weirdo listening to this stuff when my ex-boss (we now inhabit parallel managerial worlds) comes in for a chat. Different is good, I like being different. But I’m not sure about this.  It’s a bit soundscape and I can’t really get into it.

Ex-boss goes home.  It’s too late to put something on that will convince her that I am a normal person really, but I decide to go for my back up choice anyway, continuing the Nineties revival thing from a few weeks ago: Moloko. I’ve always been very taken by the cover of Do You Like My Tight Sweater. But when this first came out, I wasn’t into dance-y music. I was into things with heavy meaningful lyrics that I could emote along to and feel depressed by.

I’m slightly put off by the listener reviews that say the album’s a bit long, and that someone should tell Roisin et al that sometimes it’s about quality rather than quantity. But I like the samples, so I download.

It’s true, it does go on a bit, and a few of the tracks (Killa Bunnies, Tubeliar) are just weird noises/talking over a beat – but I love Roisin’s soft, metallic vocal (Lotus Eaters, Party Weirdo) and now I am feeling summery with seductive, insistent beats and bass, reliving my lost youth and feeling grateful for holiday working (I’m the only one in my office who has to work holidays) so that I can dance along with no-one to see me.

When I go home, I play both albums to Lovely Daughter #2.  Moloko is “weird”.  So maybe it is just an age thing.  A sign of sophistication to have finally grown into it.  Mono is “rubbish”.  But I put it on again, while I write, and it is perfect for that.  It is growing on me.  A bit Japanese perhaps, with that shimmery string instrument thing going on.  But yeah, I could get into this.  I’m coming over all Zen.  Silent Flight, Sleeping Dawn.  There’s more to post-rock than being someone’s dad.


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