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Today is my first sentient day of being Officially On Holiday (or OOH!) and I am still pretty knackered. This is because I have spent much of the day alternately driving around and sitting in traffic jams, punctuated by a rather hallucinatory stopover at a service station where we opened the doors to the sound of prolonged screaming coming from just over a grassy bank at the edge of the car park. This led to hordes of concerned people pelting over from all corners to see what was going on. Then the screaming stopped and lots of bemused people emerged from the bank carrying dogs of various sizes. There was no blood. The hordes dispersed, although not before leaving my faith in the Great British Public’s alacrity in responding to the call for heroes totally restored.

Anyway, when we finally reached out destination, we went out with family to a tandoori for dinner.

Lovely Daughter #2 wanted to know why we couldn’t have dim sum for dinner, so we went through the whole “You can’t have dim sum for dinner” conversation all over again.

“It’s like breakfast,” I said. “Places usually stop serving it at 11am and you can’t have it after that.”

“But why?” Lovely Daughter asked. “Why won’t they cook breakfast after 11am?”

This reminded me of the all-important question reported in the Daily Mash this week. “When places stop serving breakfast at a fixed time, why do they do that? Surely they have facilities to make meat and eggs hot at any hour.”

I am probably the last person in the world to discover The Daily Mash. But the other day my friend sent me this topical summery link to this through Facebook:

and I have spent many a happy hour since browsing my new discovery.

I was particularly taken with the irony of having been led to the following article through my Facebook link


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