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Offbeat Office

?????????????Am I the only person who feels shy about sharing their musical tastes? I have no trouble discussing the films, books and shows I like, but if anyone asks me I say that I like “weird” music. I think I describe my tastes in this way to pre-empt criticism.

More people came back to work today. On the plus side, I might have had company, but on the minus side, 30 different “vulnerable group” criteria to analyse for each of 27 different subjects had landed on my desk. Now I can see you falling asleep just reading about this but I had to work out how I was going to actually get through this task without falling asleep. So the question had to be asked:

“Does anyone mind if I listen to some weird music?”

And yes, the office was open to the prospect of some weird music, so I went to

This is a not weird music at all, but lots of samples of good music.

My current favourites are:

Hibou’s Dunes EP

which is very uplifting and catchy and best of all free and has been going round in my head for the last few days.

And I love love love Haim’s Falling.

It’s 80s breezy and makes me feel young and wonderful. Can’t wait for the album to come out in September.

Today’s album of the day when I nosed my way over to see what Zuluminati was up to was Washed Out’s Paracosm. Strangely, I’d been thinking about buying this for a couple of days. The samples sounded interesting and the CD cover is very beautiful and cool. But unfortunately, when I listened to it on the site some more, it turns out it was a bit weird even for me. Definitely much too weird for office music. My co-worker said, “Do they use this to send dolphins to sleep?” and I felt a bit the same.

So we had a selection of choicest post rock off my CloudPlayer instead. I may have been worried about being a bit safe and boring (

for being a post rock fan but there are times when being safe makes you breathe a bit easier.  A bit of Mono (chopping the ends off the really long tracks), a couple of run throughs of Mogwai and even some light Moloko went down very well.  Some Haim singles from Soundcloud and Dunes.  And then I ran out of ideas.

Taste is a funny thing. We only had classical music in the house when I was a child and I didn’t get into pop until I was maybe thirteen or fourteen. And then on principle, rightly or wrongly, and maybe just because of the age I was at, I wasn’t going to allow myself to like mainstream music. Maybe that’s part of why I still feel defensive when I share my tastes, because I feel an outsider in knowing and appreciating what is “in”.

Maybe, somewhat late in life, all I need is to finally experience the equivalent of being a teenager and listening to tracks with a bunch of friends in someone’s bedroom, which is something I totally missed out on at the time.

So… off-beat office music, anyone?   It’s got to be not too intrusive, but not actually send anyone to sleep.  So what shall I try next?


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