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Adventures in Cyberspace with a Lynx

Once upon a time, I used to use a web browser called lynx. It was TEXT ONLY and I found this disproportionately pleasing.

WHY?  You might ask.  Well, in the mid-nineties, I was a computer science undergraduate, and the computer was my domain. I could tell it exactly what to do and it would do it. Even to the point of making my websites appear with no pictures, no fonts, no scripts.  It was pure content and I loved it.

This was pre-marriage and children.    Also pre-widowhood – when Lovely Daughters were 3 and 5 my husband died 😦 So I needed to find a job close by, with short hours and the holidays off.  I ended up as a council youth worker for a while.   Adventures took on a different form – just surviving was pretty much an adventure in itself.  On the plus side, my job meant that I needed to go and talk to some people, be more normal, and grow up a bit.  So I started to appreciate using normal browsers, with pictures, like other people.

I do sometimes reflect on this anomaly between the hard core control side of being a complete nerd, and the social networking side of what is essentially the same thing.  The social networking side I still find REALLY HARD.  For example, I am trying to comment on someone’s photo blog of their preparations for their holiday, but their blog announces that I need to verify who I am through WordPress. Then it wants me to prove that I am not a robot by typing in some almost impossible to read code. Eventually it throws me off with an error message. I slink off feeling sad and unwanted.

I am also trying to understand how to use Networked Blogs. If someone understands Networked blogs, please could you let me know??  All I want to do is Like, but what do I do about that message asking me for permission for it to take over my life?? I am basically worried about going any further in case I end up with the daily minutiae of my life blasted all over Facebook, annoying the hell out of far flung friends who only expected to see occasional random pictures of my holidays.

It doesn’t help that I am trying to make sense of these Networked Blog things through a fog of PMT.  I know when I have PMT because once a month I start crying on my way into work. And I LIKE my job.

Anyway, I am getting more used to playing music in front of people.  So when I get in I calm down with some Postiljonen (another find from

After I buy the Postiljonen download, Amazon suggests that I try Inform- Educate – Entertain

by Public Service Broadcasting. Which also helps.

Anyway, this evening I eventually gave up on trying to Network my Blog and read a bit more of Claire Messud’s The Last Life. The writing is luscious and the whole thing is quite astonishingly well written. I will tell you more in due course.

I also discovered through

that all the ingredients I have left in my cupboard actually form a cocktail.  So I have one of these as well, and think, don’t computers mean a different thing to us these days than what they used to??


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