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Breakfast at the Cafe Délice, North Laines, Brighton

Yesterday morning was a bit of a food extravaganza.

We went out to Brighton’s North Laines and Lanes and amongst other things found a little cake decorating shop to supply Lovely Daughter with wafer flowers for her cupcakes.

Admired a stack of macaroon pyramids – you know you’ve had a classy day out when you pass one of these.


Best of all had a midday brunch in


This is a cosy café on a corner of Kensington Gardens. Inside, everything is old fashioned dark wood against bright white cups and plates. It’s a bit narrow and the tables are really packed in together, but hey, it’s popular. You can also sit outside if you want, but as there was a bit of a wind tunnel effect going on, we chose not to.

I was only having coffee, with no food planned, as I’d already been invited out to lunch at 2pm. So I had a Mocha instead. It arrived in a tall mug with loads of froth on the top and tasted very morning friendly as far as I was concerned. I like my coffees a bit weaker in the morning, out of consideration for all the rest of the caffeine I will probably be loading into my system later in the day, and this was perfect – a little bit coffee, a little bit chocolate, a little bit sweet, a lot creamy and very satisfying.

Lovely Daughter had the Full English. Breakfast was a choice between English Full or Veggie, various pastries, and some different flavours of Eggs Benedict, which was the dish of choice of practically everyone around us.  I think I will give this a go next time.  It was gorgeously presented, as was the giant adult’s pasta meal that the table next to us had ordered for their two year old.  (Why do people do that?)

Our food arrived within 10 minutes, and that included watching it do two circuits of the room with the mantra “Which one is table 14?” being incanted over the top of it. They may have been confused by the fact that there was only one plate and two of us at the table.  I’ve often shared dishes in the past when Lovely Daughters were younger, and still do because restaurant portions, and especially pub portions, are quite often HUGE. Restaurant staff can be a bit sour about this, but they were fine with it at the Cafe Délice, the waitress asking whether we wanted extra cutlery to share, which was nice.

I got the bits that Lovely Daughter doesn’t like, ie the tomato and the mushrooms, which were fresh and well cooked, although the mushrooms were a bit bland and could have done with some butter. I also got some of Lovely Daughter’s bacon and sausage, which she couldn’t finish. Both were good quality, the sausage being both herby and meaty, and the bacon was crisp and delicious.

Clearing up and the arrival of the bill were swift and efficient. I wouldn’t say that waiter friendliness was a stand out feature, but on the other hand, I’m there to eat, not to supplement my social life. So long as the staff are generally competent and aware, which they were, I’m happy.

The bill for two drinks and one breakfast to share came to just £12.90, which you can’t fault. And I have to say that even though it was only supposed to be breakfast for one, when I arrived for my lunch at 2pm, I wasn’t really hungry at all.



  1. Denise, thank you very much for visiting my blog, and liking my poem, I hope you will visit again soon! I just had to comment here. My son lives in Brighton and his girlfriend works (assistant manager) at Angel Food Bakery! Many a delicious cupcake have we enjoyed from there! In fact, she made my daughter’s 21st birthday cake! We visit Brighton regularly, I will make sure to visit Cafe Delice next time we go there. My other son went to BIMM and he will be returning to live in Brighton again soon! What a small world 🙂

    • I wish I’d taken a picture of the Angel Food Bakery. But it was a bit crowded when we went past. I hadn’t known it was there, and I thought it was so great to have a cake decorating store round the corner. There was a little decorating session for children going on there while we shopped. Is your son still working in music?

      • No. He did a 2 year course in Professional Musicianship at BIMM in electric guitar. I was so proud of him as he got in on audition, he is self-taught! He would love to pursue his music but he hasn’t quit his day job yet! He moved away last year from Brighton with his girlfriend but is moving back with her next year, so the two boys will be living near each other again! My early years were spent in Surrey and so Brighton Beach was where we went when we wanted a day out at the seaside. I have many close associations with Brighton as you can see, which is why I just had to comment on your post 🙂

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