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1,000 views old today! Also, glad we are not Hanson

Last weekend, I went round to someone’s house, and everyone was glad that they weren’t Hanson.

Before I expand on the run up to this happy occasion, I have to start by saying that I checked my stats today and found that I’d had exactly 1,000 views since I started this project. Which I know is not a lot, if Google is to be believed, as I notice all the movers and shakers are coolly dropping their 1,000 views a day into conversation. But I like to write, and if even one person likes to read what I write, that’s fine by me.  It makes me happy.

I think way back weeks ago I did witter on a bit about why I started blogging. I had stopped enjoying life and was just living to work and get by….  Of course it’s nice for my ego to have stats on my blog, but it’s also a lot about the way blogging makes me engage with life more. The last few months have represented an amazing change in my life for me. Here’s a recap of the good stuff:

– Sitting in a plush cinema with my daughters watching Wadjda with iced coffee and juices.

– Having really great discussions about books.

– Going to the Summer Exhibition with my daughter and then watching an amazing dance show that made me cry

– Climbing a wall

– Going round to someone’s house and being able to make a knowledgeable musical reference, so feeling that I am sharing my love of something with someone else. *

– Having nice music in the office so that I don’t fall asleep over some of my tasks. **

* My friend Christine has a very musical family. So we are sitting round talking about this and someone says that they could form a band in their family. “Like Hanson.” We all look a bit glum. I think Hanson were very musically talented and did an amazing thing to make an album so young. But. They’re just not cool. So I say, “Or like Haim. They’re three sisters.” And everyone brightens up and looks much happier now that they are not Hanson.  And they remember the Kings of Leon, too.

** Everyone is very happy with my musical choices in the office… because they agree that it is definitely background music! I am not sure whether this is a good thing but at least we all think this is better than the traditional “Office Manager’s Favourite”, Radio 2, with its seemingly day long presence of the Jeremy Vine show.

Blogging isn’t just about me having an outlet to express myself, though. It’s also about enjoying other people’s words and pictures and videos.

My current favourites are

Pretty pictures –

Enthusiasm about everything:


I have loads of others I like to read as well, so if I haven’t mentioned you it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy reading, I just couldn’t mention everyone.

Seriously, if you let me know that you have visited, I will check out your blog as I am always on the look out for more things to brighten up my life.

Happy blogging!



  1. Congrats on the big stats! It’s a great feeling knowing that other people enjoy your writing!
    And thanks for the shout-out and all the lovely thought provoking comments you leave!

  2. Ahh, thanks so much Denise, I didn’t even notice my blog there until just now, I was really engrossed in reading about your progress and congrats on the stats! I’m so glad that we met here on WordPress, I’ve really appreciated your comments and I find your blog really interesting, so I am really happy to know that you enjoy reading my blog too!
    I taped the first episode of Great British Bake Off but when I watch it I will read your review!
    Oh, and for the record, I used to really like Hanson…whatever happened to them by the way? Have a great weekend with your lovely daughters 🙂

    • Aww thanks for the congrats… I am glad we met too. Your posts are so positive and full of life.

      Hanson are still making music – I wonder what it’s like to have success so young and then just go back to normal life?

      • I’m so (not saying ‘really!)) glad you see my posts as ‘full of life’, what a lovely thing to say, thanks Denise! Wow, I had no idea that Hanson are still making music. It must be very tough to have that kind of success so young in life. Maybe because they are brothers that helps!

  3. Rick

    So well put Denise. Blogging has been like the 21rst century pen pal. We never met and probably never will but it has been a pleasure sharing our experiences. A quality 1,000 hits is better than 10, 000 casual looks and likes to get follows. Your blog leads me to believe your hits are quality hits.

    • Thanks for your words… you are right, sharing experiences is everything. I love the diversity of the web. There’s so much more to life than just your own life.

      • Liz

        I coud do with some misty drizzle, my grass is drying up and I don’t feel like watering!

      • Actually I like a good mist, especially in the morning. It is mysterious. I’m not a great fan of watering either.

  4. Well done Denise! 1,000 hits is brilliant. And thank you so much for the shout-out, it’s nice to know that someone out there is enjoying my posts x

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