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The Great British Bake Off, Tuesdays, BBC 2 8-9pm

tvLovely Daughter asks me which series of Great British Bake Off we are on and without a pause I say, “The fourth,” thus confirming my recent sad transformation into TV nerd.

I’m trying but I’m finding it difficult to get into tonight’s episide: Bread. I don’t really like eating bread, and am therefore indifferent about making it. So it’s especially hard to get excited about this week’s opener: bread sticks. I am looking forward to seeing some silly looking bendy ones, but with the exception of one batch, the results are all long, thin and straight, like sticks. Of bread. Aka, bread sticks.

The technical challenge is fun, though. I am excited to see GBBO promoting real proper old fashioned muffins! Some of them come out of the proving process looking alarmingly like Plasticine. Also I never realised that muffins were sort of griddled rather than being baked.

Kimberley does a clever trick with an piece of dough, which makes me think she is one to watch. She cooks a test piece alongside her batch of muffins so that she knows when they are done through.

Also much improved from last week is student Ruby, although I still have my doubts about the appearance of her products. The bread peacock may have tasted nice and nabbed the attention of the judges, but I thought it looked scary, although not as scary as poor Rob’s octopus. The judges speculated about its blow hole and then stabbed it between the eyes. I don’t know what possessed Rob to think that this might have been a good idea for a design.

To round off this trio of animal themed foodstuffs we had the “slug plait” (that’s a sage and garlic plait to its creator, Rob, who admitted that the plait was “visually, not quite where I want it to be”). I was shocked. Mary, how could you be so cruel? But it was true.

Next week: dessert.  Although I see from the RT that the first challenge will be trifle, which will be interesting.  Am I the only person who thinks that all trifles look and taste the same?



  1. This is cute 🙂 Awe, the sacrifices we make to make our daughter’s happy, lol. If nothing else, it sounds interesting to watch. Must be one of those shows that suck you in without trying 🙂

  2. Denise, I totally agree, what on earth was with the octopus and the peacock? I do love bread but they would have put me right off! Yes, Kimberly was rather clever wasn’t she? Let’s see what next week’s trifles bring 🙂

    • I suppose the problem with bread is that it’s not inherently beautiful to look at – it’s all in the taste and the eating. So they just went a bit mad with the designs instead to make up for this. Next week looks prettier – like the look of those petit fours.

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