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The Trevor Arms, Glynde, Lewes

ImageToday I wanted to celebrate the coming of…. drumroll… my iPhone 4!!!

Don’t all roll around laughing. I’ve had an iPhone 3G for ages, and I only got that because you can get the Shredder Chess app on it.

The camera on an iPhone 3 is a bit rubbish.  However if you ignore that and the fact that it’s a bit slow, it was a good value second hand phone. Also, when I worked part time I hardly even touched my PAYG credit, so there wasn’t much point in having a fancy phone.

But now I’m in full time employ, and need to use my phone more, so PAYG ‘s getting a bit pricey for what it is. When I look at contract SIMs, I realise that I can get an iPhone 4 as well for only £10 a month for 24 months (or £360 upfront – now how can I refuse that “bargain”, O2???)

I’ve wanted an iPhone 4 for ages, because I would love to take proper snaps when I am out and about. Then you all won’t have to look at the same pictures over and over on my site.

So here we go, my new phone’s first trip out is to The Trevor Arms in Glynde, Lewes. This is Lovely Daughter’s choice, and I have to say I am pleased. Parking in Brighton is murder on a Saturday afternoon, and taking a trip in by train takes up a big chunk of your day. It’s fairly easy to park on the road in the village of Glynde, and the pub itself is spacious, especially on a summer’s day, when everyone is outside enjoying the wasps, er, sun:


Lovely Daughter has a child’s burger and chips and I have today’s Special of a pint of prawns (You can get a starter of half a pint for £4.50 at any time.) Food arrives quickly and I do that mid-thirties thing of taking a picture of my food:


The prawns come with two hunks of Flint Owl Bakery bread. The bakery is just up the road from the pub and every Saturday morning I drive out to pick up our village shop’s weekly order. So I know that each loaf is very expensive! Too expensive for me!  But there’s enough of a collective village demand for it for me to load two or three trays of it into the back of my car each week. So our village thinks it’s a good thing.

Lovely Daughter doesn’t like the raw onion in her salad (odd choice of garnish for a child’s meal?) but I find it is perfect with my rocket, mayonnaise and prawns. The herby mayonnaise is very light and tasty and the whole meal is such good value for money – £4.50 for Lovely Daughter’s meal and £6.50 for mine.

Altogether, lovely.



  1. Ah I remember you saying that you were upgrading phones soon. The pictures are lovely! Lewes looks beautiful too; the one thing I miss about moving from Yorkshire to London in the lack of pretty countryside here

    • I think that’s why Lewes is so popular – town-y, near London and loads of good countryside nearby.

      Not for me though – I am used to the wilds of the ploughed field now.

  2. Hope you are getting used to your new phone Denise! I only just recently got a smart phone, android, and I keep forgetting that I can take photos with it! Great photo of that pint of prawns, makes me hungry! – Your Lovely Daughter made the perfect choice 🙂

    • I’m looking forward to seeing some pictures on your blog now!

      The prawns were really delicious, a very filling but light meal.

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