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Lionel Shriver is wonderful and Tunbridge Wells is far away


Am at least three blog posts behind in things I want to say.  Sigh.  So of all the things I am dying to say, these are the quickest ones to get down:

1. It’s Lovely Daughter #2’s birthday tomorrow.  And she wanted nothing more than her very own little Radley purse, as she is mad about Westie dogs.

2. Updated to iOS 7 tonight (What’s this?? It looks like a child designed it. Although I have to admit, it does make your phone’s screen look bigger.)  Hadn’t seen the point, but Volunteer Girl in the shop said you could edit your photos into b&w, and sepia type photos with the new OS, without having to use Instagram, and this was good enough for me.  Here is my very first attempt at using filtersb.  And shhhh, don’t tell LD#2 about the little package that’s coming her way until tomorrow morning.

3. Haim’s Days Are Gone is FINALLY coming out tomorrow.  A couple of weeks ago I was starting to wonder if I would actually be over them by the time I actually got a CD of theirs into my mitts.  Yes, you heard right, it will be a CD so I can have them nice and loud in the car.

4. I had another genuinely nice conversation on the phone with my mum.  The only sticking point was when we were discussing the possibility of private school for the Lovely Daughters in their sixth form years.  She was a bit out of touch with how much school fees are these days.

I said that this was why I had never considered it.  To which she replied, “That’s why I told you to look at grammar schools.  There’s one in Tunbridge Wells.”

I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve had this conversation, which always ends up with me explaining that we live nowhere near Tunbridge Wells.  However, she has difficulty taking this on board.  (Tunbridge Wells is in Kent, right?  And Kent is next to Sussex.  So you’re practically on the doorstep, no?)

My mum loves Tunbridge Wells.  This is the place she is planning on retiring to, so that she can be close to me and I can look after her when she is old.  Which I have no problem with in principle, so long as she is not living in Tunbridge Wells.  Which I have told her on numerous occasions IS NOWHERE NEAR WHERE I LIVE.

5.  Mummy Tries sent me a link on Lionel Shriver in a comment and it I got me all interested in finding out some more.  I think because of the subjects Lionel Shriver writes about, I’d got the impression that in real life she would be a very serious, analytical and intense person, rather than the friendly type.  I found this blog entry from someone who met her at an event: in which she comes across as a really genuine, warm, encouraging person.

Also this, which shows some really hilarious writing from LS:



    • Yeah, I’d have to remortgage my house and spend most of the rest of my life paying it off. But the state provision for sixth form is a bit dodgy round here 😦

  1. Love the purse! Hope your daughter has a great birthday. As for Tunbridge Wells, I remember something about a long-running joke…”disgusted from Tunbridge Wells”! I always think of that when I hear about it!! Hope you had a super weekend.

  2. Perhaps I’m a cynic but I’m not a huge fan of private schools. Then again, I went to a grammar school and didn’t enjoy that. I think it depends on the teachers and their enthusiasm and you’re lucky to find that in any school!

    • I went to a private school. It does have disadvantages to preparing you socially for the real world, but compared with my daughters’ school it has advantages like you don’t have to put up with any really terrible teachers. Their school is OK though, they do quite well out of it. The problem is that you are lucky to find any schools in our area! There are no schools here after age 16. You have to go to a sixth form college, where again some of the teaching is good but some is terrible, or find a school well out of your area and then there is no public transport to get you there, so you are limited to going where your parents can take you, or cycling 3 miles to the station come rain or snow or dark.
      Satirical thoughts on private schools form part of what I am currently writing so my education was not all wasted!

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