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Happy Birthday, Lovely Daughter #2 & I buy Days Are Gone by Haim

chocBeen feeling very tired so a short post tonight. As ever, many topics outstanding, but one I really wanted to write about, which is that as of today I have no more children left in the house.  Only teenagers.

Since being best of friends as youngsters, the Lovely Daughters have been undergoing their discoveries of their separate identities and personalities for the last few millennia, er, I mean years of course.   Which is just natural and healthy.  People are what they are, and sometimes, that means being a very different personality type from one’s sibling.

But today Lovely Daughter #1 gave Lovely Daughter #2 a box of chocolates and said Happy Birthday and this was a big step forward.  We all went out for pizza and chatted, and if you’d said this a couple of years ago, I’d have settled for that.

On the Arts front, I finally got hold of Days Are Gone by Haim – three talented sisters singing and playing a breezy confident Californian/80s vibe.  I was a bit nervous, because the first review on Amazon only gave them 3 stars, on the grounds of being overproduced.  I’d been waiting for so long, what if it didn’t live up to expectations?

I wondered whether having so many singles available on Soundcloud meant that there would be little to explore when I got the new album.  On the other hand, I could see that by infusing my consciousness with their sounds, part of me automatically felt that getting the album was the next step.

I think this is a clever way of marketing – make it available and it will become part of people’s lives.  It’s just a bit of a different way of buying an album for me – there wasn’t much to make me go “Wow”, because I’d already discovered the best tracks.

My favourite song remains Don’t Save Me.  I like the overblown songs, and I like the independent sentiment of this track, along with the passionate, imploring vocal.

Discovery track of the album is title track Days Are Gone.  I just love the low chant of the refrain and the 80s feel.

Sadly, I really don’t like current single The Wire because it sounds like Shania Twain and while I find her perfectly inoffensive, that lilting sort of music fills my ears with tedium.

So that’s it, then.  Days are Gone.  Where they have gone, I don’t know. Although I hope there will be many more happy days with the Lovely Daughters, I know that one day, they will all be gone.  So it was nice to take some time out this evening, just to go over how it was.





  1. It’s a funny thing with sisters – I always found mine a complete irritant when we were growing up but there are things now that only she will understand and with whom I am able to have a real, sustained laugh over a distant memory.

    • It’s so wonderful when you can share your journey with someone and they understand parts of you that I guess come from a different time. I like hearing about these sorts of stories, about how things turn out in the long run. I hope my two will be the same as this.

  2. Ahh, wishing your Lovely Daughter a very happy birthday! How things change between siblings, and will continue to do so, but I’m sure that they will always be extremely close as they go through life together, even when not together if you know what I mean!
    Remember the gift of chocolates and the ‘happy birthday’ wishes from one sister to another and hold on to that 🙂

    • Thanks for the good wishes.

      It is so weird the way we change as people. They adored each other when they were tiny! LD#1 took her responsibilities as big loving sister very seriously.

  3. amediablogger

    My mum and sisters are my best friends. I’m sure you’ve got so many more precious moments together and no matter what sisters and mothers are the best.

    • I hope I can be a good mum to them and they will come and talk to me about things they want and need as they grow older. I think it’s working out OK. It’s been better since I relaxed a bit – there’s a bit of societal pressure to have perfect kids and that involves controlling them so much. Looking back, I guess that’s wrong, but it’s hard to resist the pressure when you don’t know yourself what you’re doing.

      • amediablogger

        I cannot imagine what it must be like to have children; I have never been the maternal type. I do know this though the Arab culture that I was brought up in was very controlling and all about ‘keeping up appearances’. My mother was very hard on my sisters and I, although as the eldest I got it the hardest. I think she did the best she could and the best she knew. I do not hold it against her and I am closer to her than anyone else in this world. I tell her almost everything and go to her before anyone else for advice and support. Good luck.

  4. It’s nice to hear that you had a nice day with your daughters 🙂 Even if they’re not exactly best friends at the moment, the gesture of acknowledging each other on a special day is pretty amazing.

    • Yeah, I don’t want to force any sentiments on them. I think they need to develop their own relationship over time that is real and will last and every little affirmation that this is the thing to do makes me feel better.

  5. Happy birthday to LD2, glad you all had a nice day. Sounds like the worst of the sibling rivalry might be over 🙂 I’ll have to investigate Haim, I’m intrigued now!

    • Yes, we’ve got another birthday soon so they can reciprocate on the pressies too and we can have another excuse for an evening out!

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