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Great British Bake Off, Series 4, Episode 7, Tuesday 8-9pm BBC2 and iPlayer

Picture by yuichi.sakuraba

Picture by yuichi.sakuraba

Last night’s GBBO involved my favourite type of cake and that is millefeuille.

I used to buy these as a treat when I was a teenager.  All that lightness and cream and icing… and in those days all for less than a pound.  Which is amazing when you bear in mind all that’s involved in it – making the filling, the icing, the puff pastry, assembling it and then drizzling the top with some decorative pattern.

The GBBO has reached the point when I start to enjoy it properly – we’re down to a bunch of really, really skilled bakers pushing themselves right up to the wire with timing as they create these elaborate concoctions.  I know they say they’re panicking, but really, whether they were winding puff pastry around cylinders to make cream horns, to rolling puff pastry down to the perfect thickness the first time round, to stencilling designs over cake tops, they looked surgically focused.

Lovely Daughter #2 and I laughed like mad when Glenn’s “ugly bunch of nuns” collapsed.  Also when he took a blowtorch to one of his creations in an attempt to improve its appearance.  Poor Glenn.

I’d quite like Kimberley to win.  I think she might not get that much coverage because she approaches things in a very undramatic way, but she obviously has a lot of experience behind her, and a love of baking.  I like Frances’ creations too.  This week she was in her element making a musical themed selection as her show stopper: French cream horns, piano key millefeuille and bass clef shaped curly things.  Very pretty & good enough to eat.

There’s a picture and also another very enjoyable review of the bake off here

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  1. You’ve got me going–I had these kinds of pastries when I lived in Germany but I never knew the English name for them. I’m going to have to start experimenting…. millefeuille–the word itself is totally delicious!

    • Wow, you’re not really going to make these, are you? They are like a labour of Hercules.

      It’s a great name, isn’t it? Sounds great and paints an evocative pictures.

      • Oh, I won’t try to do an authentic-original thing, but I do love to bake and I can make pastry cream, so some stormy day when I’ve got my kitchen apron on, I just might do a riff on millefeuille.

  2. This was a great episode, as you say, it is really heating up now! I made choux pastry chocolate eclairs. Once. For all the time, effort and hard work it took to make them and then to watch them gobbled up in mere seconds put me right off 😉

    • Oooh, eclairs! That’s clever.

      Yes there are definitely things it is better to buy pre-made. They are enough of a treat from the supermarket… imagine in the days before factory line production. They must have been soooo special.

  3. I’ve never watched the show but having been someone who used to only like American Idol when it got to the top 8 contestants, I think I know what you mean 😉

    • I have to say that’s a common thing for me as well in all these shows. Too many characters obviously messes with my head.

  4. I made cannolis once. Deep fried the tubes and filled them with sweetened ricotta cheese and dipped them in chocolate chips on each end. I also do a chocolate mousse cake, but I rarely make/bake dessert anymore (my favorite being
    Italian as you can tell). I think it’s because I don’t want to gain weight.We have lots of Bake off/ Cook off and Project Runway type shows here. I will check to see if I can get that one.It sounds better than the ones I have seen.

    • The special thing about Bake Off is it is so genuine, authentic and sweet natured. Of course these are all how the producers want us to see things, but it’s a warm, escapist, family hour.

  5. I know what you mean about Kimberley – I think round about episode 2 (the bread one?) she could really do no wrong. I love Frances too though – her matchbox of breadsticks was genius! Glad to see that she’s finally pleasing the judges with flavours too now.

    • Yes, I like Frances and think maybe the judges have been a bit dismissive of her for not having the flavours and going for the looks. The looks were really stunning, among the best we’ve ever seen in Bake Off. I hope she carries on with the flavours and brings some real competition with her.

    • They really are good – an amazing thing to find in your bog standard bakery when you look at the work involved.

  6. Oh! I have yet to see a single episode of this latest season, but am such a fan of the show! GGBO somehow seems more real than the ‘reality’ type of food shows made in the US. Although I have to admit that sometimes the history behind the foods can be a bit much… but I adore the hosts, and especially Mary Berry!

    • Ha ha I go out and make tea in the history of food bit!! Mary is fab, isn’t she? I hope I am beautiful and gracious and capable like her when I am her age.

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