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Quizzes for you to enjoy…


[Well!!!  I thought I’d posted this on Monday evening!  But it was sitting in my draft box. Thought everyone was being a bit quiet!  Try again………]

On Saturday I went to an all day school governors’ conference at the local hotel/conference centre.

They gave me some liquid that they called “coffee”.  It was horrible.  And also very strong.  During the lunch break I nipped back home to give the girls some food and say hello.  Then I nipped back again.  This meant that I missed out on the hot buffet lunch which looked quite nice… it also meant that I had no time to make my usual comforting milky teas and so by the end of the day had downed rather a lot of these hot  strong coffees .

The conference itself, I have to say, unearthed some exciting ideas.

All this meant that when I tried to get an early night on Saturday, the coffee said No.  So I slept most of Sunday and then couldn’t get to sleep Sunday night either.

It didn’t help that I was up late on Friday night poring over this beautiful looking quiz:

with my friend Jane on the other end of Facebook.

I know there’s a lot of negative press about Facebook, but I like the way it lets me stay in touch with a very small selection of friends easily.  I like it when they send me links to interesting things, and I can show that I appreciate by liking them.  Sure, in an ideal world, I’d see and speak to them more often than I do, but a globalised world and busy lives mean that I don’t.

We got there together in the end – I would never have got the bottle clue without Jane’s hints  (btw I have noticed that I am getting many Google hits about the water bottle clue…  and Jane said, “Think of the level of liquid, not the volume, and the size of the bottle”) and I had to practically tell her what the one with the Bomb was.  We both thought the inclusion of the book behind the No Head Man clue was rather unfair. 

Also on Facebook this week I have discovered that I am 69% right brained (creative) and 31% left brained (logical).

This is really weird for me, as I have always always always come out as left brained or balanced in the past.  I think my right brain has become much more active recently as I am reading and blogging a lot more, and generally thinking more freely and outside the box.  And I don’t always worry about making sense, either.  As you can probably tell.

For Dr Who fans, see which companion you are here:

I am Clara Oswin Oswald: “You’re caring, curious, and clever. You’re good with kids and you have a big heart, but you’re by no means a pushover! Hello, impossible girl!”

Although I am happy about this mainly because I like her clothes.

Other Facebook finds that have kept me happy recently are:

“Our Education system in a nutshell”

and this cleverly illustrated video which my friend Jo sent me about the trend in the UK education system towards mere economic usefulness.  Sadly this is leading to rewards for creativity being squeezed out of our current education system (file under Saturday’s conference…)

I went on to watch the full lecture here, which is even more powerful and, being a complete lecture, is even more evidently well thought out and argued.



  1. amediablogger

    Nice post, I like Facebook for the reasons you said but mostly to keep in touch with family and friends abroad. I took the brain test my result was I use both sides equally. I’m happy because it suggests that I have a brain 🙂

    • Ha ha!! 🙂

      My left handed daughter was far more balanced than me. I’m starting to think that I am suffering from an excess of creativity. I just get really excited about stuff these days and seem to have forgotten logic. Unlike you I am definitely not in love with a person (unfortunately). I must be in love with life.

      • amediablogger


        Loving life is marvelous. Keep going with that isn’t it great?!

  2. Being a psychology major, I love these types of quizzes. I was an exact 50/50 on the which side of the brain you use test. Here are my results from the Dr. Who test:

    You got: Clara Oswin Oswald!
    You’re caring, curious, and clever. You’re good with kids and you have a big heart, but you’re by no means a pushover! Hello, impossible girl!

    Thanks for the fun, Denise!

    • I didn’t realised you majored in psychology.

      You do come across as caring and clever so that’s a pretty good result.

    • There were several that took me an overnight sleep to get and suddenly they were obvious. I think it’s that sort of quiz – the images are so striking and not being able to get them was maddening.

  3. You’re a sassy one, Denise (fond of irony?)

    I took the coffee-horrible statement as straight-forward.

    (I, too, use facebook. It’s convenient–although somewhat annoying, like the telephone used to be; and it’s untrustworthy, like telling your secrets to your school chums. But convenience is worth a lot).

    • It really was horrible. Conference centre machine. 😦 So promising, with all the options printed on the front. Which I guess made it even more disappointing.

  4. Good old Facebook does have its uses 🙂 I too enjoy the keeping in touch aspect, especially as friends are often flung in all corners of the world. Looks like you’ve been having fun my dear!

  5. Being the sad person I am, I just love pointless quizzes like these, and have discovered I am Clara, and I use both sides of my brain equally! Now I know that, and of course have shared the results for my Facebooks friends, I should do something more mundane!!! :0)

    • Clara is the best!

      Doesn’t surprised me about the brain. I think you need both creativity and logic in bucketfuls with your two little handfuls about.

  6. It is good to be balanced with both a creative and logical sense of expression. They compliment one another in our exploration of ourselves and the world around us. I too like Facebook for the same reason you stated. You should friend me on Facebook. I can share links of the things I discover.

  7. I got 50/50 (L/R brain) 😉 Thanks for the quiz. I used to spend so much time taking quizzes like this.

    I think FB has been fun for staying in touch too, especially now with everyone so busy. It often isn’t possible to talk on the phone or write long emails but just being able to see an occasional update and make a quick comment makes a difference.

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