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A very home made Christmas to you…

Here is Tree again:


So to continue my last post, on Friday night I went out to a Christmas party with half a voice and came back with none at all. All I can say is that it was a good thing we ended up with dancing (70s disco! Yay!!!) as  I wasn’t any good for anything else at that point.

On Saturday morning, I woke up feeling pretty rubbishy, and I hadn’t even drunk alcohol. Whatever progress I had made with my cold had been firmly undone by a night of too much talking.  So with attendant band of steel around head and drowning feeling at the back of my nose, I knew it was going to be a quiet day in, with crafts and cooking.

I drove off to do the bread run (no speaking required) for the village shop, and when I arrived with my baskets, I found that them setting out the Dolcelatte they had ordered in for Christmas.  This is pretty much my favourite cheese, so I bought a chunk, together with a hot fresh croissant and ate this with a steaming hot coffee when I got home.  I would have taken a picture, but I just couldn’t wait, it looked (and was) so delicious.

After this, I unloaded the rest of my shop groceries.  I’ve been thinking about the Clean Bin film I went to see a couple of weeks ago, and thinking about how I can reduce my waste.  My one thing to do is to try and buy vegetables from the shop when I can, so reducing the amount of packaging.  I used to do this more but unfortunately, as food has become more expensive, it’s been less and less affordable to do so.  It seems that it is cheaper for supermarkets to pre-bundle their vegetables in shrink wrap – this reduces bruising and wastage, and also time spent weighing at the checkout.

I rescued some parsnips and mushrooms, which were looking a bit sad.   I used to rescue vegetables a lot.   Vegetable rescue is another recyling thing that has dropped by the wayside over the years, due to objections from partners.  These days I agree that not everything I do has to be worthy or beneficial to other people, and that it’s good for me and my family and those I am close to to have nice things.  Still, it’s about getting a balance.  So I decided that vegetable rescuing was going to be OK for one day, as I was looking for ingredients for soup anyway.

Here is my mushroom soup: mush

I’ve also been thinking about my tree.  I thought it would be nice to make some decorations.  We already had these angels, which we’d made at our Children’s club in previous years:


The instructions I used don’t seem to be available any more, but there are similar instructions here:

(You don’t really need a hoop, though.)

And Lovely Daughter #1 and I decided to make some more of these birds in the afternoon, which were chicks at Easter time but happily multifunction as doves at Christmas:


(This one belongs to Lovely Daughter – she hasn’t put the wings on yet, but she’s now managing a decent blanket stitch, where she could only use running stitch at Easter.)

Here is a very amusing page, with pictures of chicks in various creative poses, where you can find instructions on how to create the little fella:

I made some pom poms out of newspapers last week:


Here are pom poms you can make if you misunderstand the instructions the first time round and cut down through all the layers almost to where they are tied together:

pom2And here’s the whole room!


Staying in and making has obviously been a great tonic, because I am almost back to normal now.  Hooray!



    • And again today! I’m told that the weekend will be worse… and now I’m nervous because not completed Christmas shopping…

  1. amediablogger

    Glad you’re feeling better now. Love the decorations. Have a lovely week.

  2. Wonderful! Think I need to stay in now, woke up with the most awful sore throat and headache. Better to be out of the way by Christmas I do hope.

    Your house looks very festive and I adore mushroom soup. Lovely comforting post Denise – oh, and I love 70s disco, I was so there 😉

    • Who couldn’t love 70s disco?? It is just the best for parties, because everyone knows the songs, no matter what generation they are from.

      It was interesting explaining YMCA to a native Spanish speaker!

      Hope you have started to get over your cold.

      • Ha Ha, can just imagine that, love it 🙂

        Just starting to turn the corner now thanks, hope you are fully recovered now and will be able to enjoy a really wonderful Christmas with your family.

  3. Gwen Stephens

    Lovely photos! Your daughter’s birdie is precious.The whole ensemble is quite festive.

    • I am pleased to have crafty children who can make things for the house! The site I got the pattern from is very ingenious and inspirational and it’s really got me in the Christmas spirit.

    • I was very careful! I wouldn’t be popular if I gave my cold to the entire village over Christmas time! My office at work is very pleased to have escaped, I must say.

    • It’s looking a bit yellow now so I’m glad I’ve got the picture and the memories! It was a very toned down tree but that did make me feel cosy and at home too.

      Hope you are well and nice to see you again.

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