Caramel shortbread
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Millionaire’s shortbread on Valentine’s Day


I’ve been feeling a bit stir crazy with this weather and had been wondering whether I should go out on the town tonight. However as we sat huddled in our office this afternoon listening to rain pelting our skylight, I decided the weather would probably be mitigating against, a decision reinforced by the fact I had to drive through two mini floods to get home. Normally I wimp out and turn round but in these cases there was no way round if I wanted to get home!

Lovely Daughter #1 went to her boyfriend’s house after school and has just been dropped safely back home (thank goodness for mothers of lovely boyfriends).

This left dateless me at home with Lovely Daughter #2 raging around the house saying, “I’m hungry! I want chocolate!” Which is probably a combination of PMT and a growth spurt, and so amazingly different from the tiny little girl she used to be, who never wanted to eat anything…

So I made these
satisfyingly chocolately buttery shortbreads.

Although I have to say you definitely don’t need 2 tins of condensed milk, one is more than enough! Also I only used one bar of chocolate to melt on the top, which was thin, but it sliced up easily, without breaking up. I think the trick is to simmer the milk slowly, as it says in the comments at the bottom of the article, so that the caramel sets firm.

Since I was stirring for twenty minutes, I watched this programme about Lego and Architecture. Now I have watched some great Culture Shows, the most memorable two being about the Birmingham Library, and the one about Zaha Hadid. But this concept was spread thinner than the chocolate on top of my shortbread! Yes, there is a certain type of building that slots together a bit like Lego. But really!

It did however get me in the mood for the Lego movie, which we are going to see next Wednesday and which I am really looking forward to.



  1. What a terrific mommy you are, Denise, baking the delicious treat for your daughter, it sounds and looks yummy! Glad you’re home safe and cozy. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • I’m in two minds – so unhealthy! On the other hand, she’d still want treats however much I say “Eat a bowl of cereal!” so I might as well make them than rely on a packet.

    • Chocolate on top is a fab thing. I like doing that with crispy cakes and it turns a child’s biscuit into something you can serve up to guests or take to cake sales.

  2. I love millionaire’s shortbread and yours just look delicious. And sadly I can’t see the lego architecture thing because it’s only available in the UK. Poo. Looking forward to reading your review of the lego movie though.

    • Missing you so much from our English shores 😦 You did some wonderful posts from beautiful far flung places.

  3. This is so interesting–we make a recipe almost exactly like this (ours is sprinkled with nuts) every year at Christmas time. It’s from my husband’s grandmother (I think she was English), and it’s not in the least bit a traditional American “Christmas cookie.”

    • These are definitely very English – always on offer in work and school canteens, which is a somewhat unromantic criterion! Although not as nice as home made – I was inspired by seeing them home made in the village shop and much as I am a supporter, at Β£1.50 a slice (still pretty reasonable compared with most commercial establishments) it was ca case of yes please but no thanks!

  4. amediablogger

    These look delicious. They’re C’s favorites. I’m going to try out your recipe for C and the ladies at work on Monday.

    Thank you Denise for this post. You’ve inspired me. I hope the flooding has settled in your neck of the woods.

    • I will be making them for work some time soon too. They are nice and filling, which is good, as lots of hungry teachers frequent the staff room at break time.

      • amediablogger

        Mmm, why can’t I work with you it would save me the baking. I do make wonderful apple crumble though.

  5. Hubby’s favourite, Millionaire’s shortbread…but to my shame, have never made it 😦 No excuse now though! Yours looks yummy Denise, perfect for a young lady with PMT πŸ˜‰

    What a night last night, glad you stayed in. We did too. The storm raged all night, hope things ok with you. Can’t imagine what it must be like for those poor folk on the Somerset Levels and everywhere else with the flooding along the coastline. Heard Brighton got it pretty bad too.

    I made an M&S meal last night. We had Valentine’s for 3 – me, Hubby and Aspie D πŸ™‚ Then we watched the ice skating at the Olympics. Valentine’s with a difference. Lovely!

    My boys adored their Lego (still got it all in the loft!) and I have to admit I really want to see the Lego movie. Think I will have to take Aspie D. I’m looking forward to reading what you think of it.

    Have a lovely weekend and keep dry πŸ™‚

    • It smells good when you’re making it too – something I can’t describe but I did get a memory smell of it just now as I looked back on my picture.

      Those M&S meals are great, such a good idea, and nice to have a treat without having to brave the weather. And while cooking is nice, it makes it even more special if you can get a night off.

  6. Just catching up after a weather related power cut! These shortbreads look great but I am avoiding chocolate till Easter so I’ll just drool, Denise. I don’t know, both you and Jill this week are trying to weaken my resolve πŸ™‚

  7. This weather has made folk a little stir crazy. My one and only daughter is so tired of being cooped up with me. She just made plans for a sleepover. We both like that idea.

  8. Oh yum! Those sound good!

    I’ve never had millionaire’s shortbread before but now I’m curious – on that note I’ve never actually used condensed milk in baking.

    Hope you guys are staying warm and dry.

    • This was the first time I have actually used it, although the second time I have attempted. The first time I was 14 and thought that since condensation and evaporation were part of a similar process, the latter would substitute for the former in making peppermint creams. Even as I was making them I thought by some miracle the liquid mush would turn to solid.

      It didn’t.

    • Good thing that you are doing all that extra exercise! I am hoping that LD will stick with athletics club, giving me a chance to go to the gym next door and a chance to tone up as you have done. If I even get half the results I will be pleased.

  9. Your Millionaire’s Shortbread looks completely gorgeous. And hasn’t the weather been ghastly? I hope the floods are a long way away from your doorstep – even mini ones.

    • Yes we are happily dry and very appreciative of our good fortune seeing what has happened to people in the West country…

  10. I love homemade shortbreads! I used to know a lady who’d bake them and send me home with a generous supply every time I went to visit her. Being a ravenous, athletic teenager, I loved the buttery delight!! I’ve never had them with chocolate though, and yours look absolutely divine. Mmmm, shortbread…maybe I could get the Walker’s shortbread at the store and melt chocolate on top of it.

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