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A busy weekend

This weekend, I rescued some blueberries from the supermarket, thought about what I could do with them and came up with these blueberry muffins.

Two of the muffins lost their tops on the way out of the muffin tray – I had imagined them rising up more, like shop bought muffins – but these just sort of bubbled out of the tops of the cases.  Next time I will a) grease the tray and b) not believe the instructions to fill to the tops of the cases.

I also had another go at bagels, this time by hand.  This worked a lot better, as you can see exactly when the bread has doubled in size each time.   Although I think my yeast is a little old, because it took AGES for them to rise, and when they did, the rise was not very even, so that they came out of the oven looking like mini extrusions of volcanic rock.  But they tasted good!  So good!


I also went for a run, the first one I have enjoyed this year for two reasons.  Firstly, the temperature was perfect.  I don’t have adequate running gear for really cold days and added to that some weekends recently it’s started needling rain at me while I’ve been out.  But this was cool and dry, the way I like it.  Secondly, there have been a number of dry weekends on the trot, which means I’ve actually been able to build up stamina and enjoy the run.

What with starting running again and all the muscles I’m developing through repeated kneading, I might actually  be approaching fitness this spring.

Today I went out to see a friend in London and we enjoyed dim sum at Ping Pong on the South Bank. Terrible name, and I’d been a bit worried on reading TripAdvisor last night regarding general complaints about portion size as opposed to food, and customers going away hungry.

We ordered the £12.50 standard set lunch time menu and I was more than satisfied by what arrived. “Shall we go?” I asked as I put my chopsticks down at the end of the meal. He said, “Er, I don’t think we’ve finished yet, there’s more.” I’d forgotten about the steamed selection – it’s a bit weird that this arrives after the rest of it! But forgiveable. Atmosphere was great – really buzzy, with atmospheric music, not too loud, even for a person with a quiet voice like me. Lovely selection of teas, served in a large insulated glass so that it doesn’t cool down, and unlike the traditional teapot, you are not fighting your way through solid caffeine when you get to the end of your drink. Genius!



    • Labelled “for the keen cook” on the website. Glad they don’t mention being any good at it!

  1. Sounds like you had a weekend of yummy food! Your baked goods look delicious!
    How nice that you enjoyed your run! I haven’t been good about keeping up my fitness since the beginning of the year. Need to stay on track!

    • Wish I could go out for a run now, it’s gorgeous out!  Roll on Spring.

      Ps looking at your “avatar” I tried to make macarons but they turned out all lumpy 😦 they are really difficult!  Think I need to sieve the almonds better next time.


      • I can’t believe it’s March already! Time sure flies.

        Sorry to hear your macarons came out lumpy! I normally grind my almonds in the food processor with powdered sugar, then sift the entire mixture twice (discard or regrind the pieces that don’t pass through). Hope it works out better next time!

      • I think I wasn’t fussy enough with my almonds, some big lumps went through 🙂 I will try again with your tip next time.

  2. Well done with the bagels, I’ve never made them. The muffins look scrummy too but why oh why do I always come over here when I’m hungry???? Your meal in London sounds amazing, I love dim sum but lI agree, the name of the place is awful!
    Sounds like a lovely weekend Denise 🙂

  3. I used to love going to Ping Pong on the Southbank. Such a fab chain – the food is always delicious. The teas are really cute too.

    Your home made bagels look great, do you have a recipe?

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying your running sessions 😊

    • Silly me! I forgot to link. I have added it in… they look beautiful on the website and maybe one mine will look like that too.

  4. The bagels look good! I’m good with baking cakes etc but so rubbish with dough I think I just need to practice more!!:) muffins look yum too x

    • Dough is difficult, but fun when you finally (even half) get irtright!! Basically flour behaves in really odd ways and when you bring in the unpredictability of yeast even more so!

      I like kneading and rolling and shaping while helping my daughter with her homework sitting at the kitchen table. Maybe you will do that with Amelia one day!

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend, Denise. 🙂 Glad you rescued those blueberries, and your bagels look excellent; pillowy and soft. I was browsing through your TV section… have you seen House of Cards? It’s amazing! Dim sum; I need to try it.

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