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New Look

It’s Spring! I feel as if someone has turned a switch on inside me and now I am a normal person again.  I went for a couple of long walks around our village today and it occurred to me that although I have extreme beauty right on my doorstep, I never really stop to appreciate it.

Here is my neighbour’s tree in blossom. I get to see this out of my window (especially now that I am not waking up in the dark on weekdays any more), which is bliss.

blossThe ducks were out on another neighbour’s pond (although unfortunately too far away for my iPhone to capture:

The first of the forsythia. LD #2 wanted to move into the house this belongs to when it last came on the market. It has huge rooms and windows, which is very unusual for the countryside. Unfortunately also a huge price tag.

The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted that the new season has brought a new look to my blog – especially when the results of my experimentation was a new Sticky post popping into everyone’s reader (a Sticky as short lived as a Pritt stick under the sole control of a toddler – I have decided to go for a static front page instead.)

Since I started blogging, I’ve accumulated quite a collection of pictures, which I’ve been wanting to use to greater effect in navigation for a while, and this new theme, Moka, certainly lets me do that.  I am very pleased and impressed with it, especially as it only cost £11 – bargain!  The only thing I have to do is go back through all my posts and ensure they are correctly tagged so that they come up in the right category.

I was also very excited to get my hands on a batch of fresh yeast which I used to bake some Chelsea buns for Lovely Daughter #1:

And some Chelsea buns for Lovely “I-don’t-like-cinammon-or-raisins” Daughter #2:


The recipe is here, although I used a raspberry jam glaze rather than the golden syrup one recommended. Also the drizzly icing (such fun to apply!) is two dessert spoons of milk in 3/4 of a cup of icing sugar.  I am starting to be converted to the American way of thinking – it’s so much easier in some contexts.

Hope you all enjoyed  the sunshine, whatever you were up to.



  1. Those buns look store-bought! As in, they look professionally done! Very nice.

    And the new blog theme looks great!

    • Thank you! New yeast is amazing! Maybe I should have entitled my post New Yeast, New Look.

      Hope you are well.

  2. Beautiful post! I LOVE this time of year, the daylight and promising bursts of sunshine. You are right about there being lots of beauty all around us. My drive to work goes past many fields and over moors – in the middle of winter it can be so bleak and sometimes miserable but come spring you remember just how amazing it all really is.
    I really like the new layout, the static page looks really good …. Glad you pointed it out as I view a lot on mobile and everything looks the same!

    • Glad you like the page! Everything outside is starting to look different and this year I am going to record it in pictures – I think I take too much for granted living where I do and don’t really *look*.

      • Yes I agree. Recording it in pictures sounds like a great idea, it looks really pretty where you live.

  3. Wow your Chelsea Buns look so professional! And your neighbourhood looks amazing. I shall look forward to more of your new theme too! X

    • I’d forgotten how nice my village can be sometimes, because it’s looked grey and damp since *forever*. Sometimes I think living in a town would be so much more exciting, but at moments when I appreciate where I am, I think, “Yeah, actually, this is OK!”

  4. I agree with everyone else: those buns looks amazing! Great look to your blog too and I look forward to seeing photographs from your part of the world.

  5. Gwen Stephens

    I can hear the spring in your voice all the way on the other side of the pond, Denise! We are still about month away from blossoming trees and daffodils here in Chicago, but we will have a nice, sunshiny 10C degree day today. After the winter we’ve endured, I’ll take it. Love your new look. Perfect for the start of spring.

    • We had 11 degrees today. It was a bit cooler than the day I took these pics (which was really warm) and you could hear the irony in the radio presenter’s voice as he announced this balmy high.

      Hope you have been enjoying your lull in the weather.

  6. I don’t know which I prefer, the cherry blossom or the chelsea buns but you know which one the snoring bob at my feet adores. Denise thank you for being such a great blog supporter I have nominated you for The Shauny Award which has no strings attached to find details of this award check out my blog site: and under Maria’s stuff – the Shauny Award.

  7. I like your new clean look, and happy spring to you! The photos are lovely. We actually had an ice storm last Friday night and were without power and heat for a little over a day. Today it’s 24 degrees celsius where we are. Crazy winter, and I’m anxious for spring to be here for good 🙂

    • What a pain to be without power or heat 😦 Wouldn’t fancy being without either – it’s not summer yet! I am still appreciating an evening fire in the chilly evenings after the warm day has disappeared – that’s one of the great parts of Spring, the contrast.

  8. Very nice new look Denise, and love your photos. As for those buns, well, c’est magnifique!! (No idea why I broke into French just then but your joy is infectious and it made me smile and get into the spirit of things!!) 🙂

  9. I’ve never had a Chelsea bun, just regular cinnamon buns!! Looks a hundred times better though 😀

    • I imagine they are similar – especially the ones without raisins.  What is so nice is that when you butter the flat dough and then sprinkle cinnamon and sugar and roll up, those folds turn into rich, sticky, sweet yum rolled up between the sweet bread.

      Hope you are well!


      • Your description just made me desperately want a nice warm and sticky bun! Going to treat myself next time I find myself at a bakery 😀

      • Multiple buns have been made since that day 🙂 Enjoy yours.


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