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Houses: Beginnings (some music, for a change)

My friend posted something on Facebook about a band called Houses, so I went to find out some more about them.

Their latest album is called A Quiet Darkness (2013) and is about a husband and wife who experience a nuclear disaster while apart, their journey to find each other again, and eventual death.  Cheerful.

Anyway, here is the opening track.

I was quite taken by it but not sure I could cope with it as a whole hour long album.  Also, once I realised that a lot of my enjoyment of the track stemmed from its similarity to Mogwai’s Les Revenants (both in terms of sound and storyline), I decided I could go and listen to that again rather than shelling out another tenner on a not-quite-as-good CD. Especially as it’s been a heavy month financially, fixing things up ready to have people look round my own house next week. Still, it’s only a short term thing, and since I’ve been in much worse places financially in the past, I really can’t complain.

Interesting concept for an album, though.



    • Yes, the reviews said that that was one of the best songs on the album, and that the rest were a bit samey but not as good. Which also had an effect on my decision not to buy. That song is stuck in my head now.

  1. I think you did the right thing by not buying it! Although some of my own music taste veers toward the melancholy, I think I’d have found it depressing too…

  2. What melancholy things do you like? One of my favourite songs is Suzanne Vega’s Luka and I also like sad Tori Amos songs. And Everything But The Girl (especially I Don’t Want To Talk About It.)

    • Though it’s strange that EBTG’s biggest hit for years was a cover of a Rod Stewart song… I guess less strange than if they’d covered Do You Think I’m Sexy? but even so…

      I could reliably reduce myself to tears by listening to Tom Waits’ Franks Wild Years, for a time, at least. These days I just watch films about boxing (Crying Fist, or Warrior with Tom Hardy) and invariably I’m reduced in the final minutes to claiming I have something in my eye while tears roll down my cheeks.

  3. I normally like dirgy and melancholy music but even for me this is a bit too much. Interesting concept though as you say!

  4. The click on didn’t bring the song up but I looked it up on YouTube. It would be a good song if it wasn’t for the repetitive nature I think, for me it goes on little too long to hold my interest. Now Tori, I will never tire of hearing her music – although I much prefer her earlier stuff.

  5. Chris Sullivan

    As soon as you mentioned this album’s similarity to Mogwai’s soundtrack to the wonderful TV show, Les Revenants you had me. The track you linked to is very good and has the feeling of a Blue Nile (Scottish band whom you may like) track. Who is is the lead singer?

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