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Review: In a time Lapse by Ludovico Einaudi


Once upon a time, I used to play the piano, before I realised that my life was better served doing things that I was a) good at and b) enjoyed.

One of the pieces I used to play was this:

I am not really into classical music, but I do like very spare piano music that is based on chords, and is powerful in its simplicity.

Like this Arvo Part:

There’s an arrangement for piano only, which I’ve also played.  Although to be honest, I never had the nerve to string it out to its full 10 mins 36 seconds, and mine would be over in about 2 minutes flat.

Anyway, at work, I have decided that we need a new office soundtrack having played both War of the Worlds and Dire Straits almost to death.  Unlike War of the Worlds and Dire Straits, it was unlikely that we’d be having an office hum along to whichever of the Part and Einaudi I chose.  However, Einaudi is much more dynamic and exciting, and I can’t be doing with anything too soporific while I work.

Next decision was whether I should get 2011’s The Islands, with Le Onde on it, or Einaudi’s most recent, In a Time Lapse.  Much as I love Le Onde, when I heard the track Run from Time Lapse, I knew it was the one.

Of course, it helps that Run has more than an echo of Pachelbel’s Canon about its chord structure.

The more I listen, the more I marvel that this album can go to each extreme of stillness and drama, and be so moving without being sentimental.



  1. I play the piano rather badly but still thoroughly enjoy it. We got rid of our piano after the earthquake as it was a potential hazard in an aftershock and I haven’t had one since then. It’s something I want to get though, as soon as we’ve got our own place.

  2. I bet you are much better at playing the piano than you think. I’ll have to check this album out. Thanks for another recommendation! Hubby is the music bod in our house, always on the hunt for something new to listen to 🙂

  3. Oh I love this Einaudi! Had never heard of him before so thank you for introducing me – great music to work to!

    • That’s the perfect description for it. I find it very difficult to have music on when I am writing, but Einaudi is the opposite – it feels to me that he has a way of completely unobtrusively pouring a mood into music so I am surrounded by a *thing* and not just by sound.

    • I wasn’t much good at playing the piano. I never really enjoyed it. Someone once said they’d never heard the Moonlight Sonata played so fast; I played it because it was easy to learn, and so I had a piece that I could play on request. But because I wasn’t enjoying it, I just wanted to get it over with.

  4. I love the first one (that you played it……I am in awe, so lovely) and the one like the Canon chords you are reminded of. You are very talented and knowledgeable. I used to play the piano and I am always wanting to get one at which to sit down and play. Thanks for sharing all that nice music with us. I had to hunt for you. You did not come up on my Reader, Denise. I will check on that, as you are a special blog friend of mine!

    • Hope you are well and that you found me on your reader again. It’s good music to work to, I find. Not too intrusive.

      I’m still enjoying reading all your musings.

      • Thank you , Denise. I am gearing up to work on my show. So I have not been as active in the blog work. I am glad you still enjoy my musings. I have designated today to catch up. It seems I am always saying that Ha! Also I want to answer your email! See you in email-ville!

      • I’ll look forward to seeing more work from your show.

        I was saying to Sherri, I think there’s a bit of a blogging cycle. When you start, it’s invigorating. But ongoing, it needs to be balanced with your true art. Hope your art is going well.

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