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Angel’s Carol by John Rutter

It’s getting very Christmassy at work.  I put up the office decorations on Monday.  They are white paper snowflakes like this

except the picture doesn’t really illustrate how big they are.  People keep coming in and going “Aaaagh” because they are so surprised to see them.

We’ve also been listening to Christmas songs almost non-stop at work since 1st Dec.  It was really exciting putting them on on the first day, but the trouble is, taking the Christmas songs off again seems a retrograde step.  So we’ve taken to bringing in lots of different Christmas songs.

The only ones I could find were my John Rutter collection.  I do feel that John Rutter verges a bit on the cheesy/easy listening side of classical, but there’s something really clever about his soaring melodies that’s difficult to resist.  I used to enjoy singing and while I don’t usually miss it, there’s something about a really beautiful Christmas song that makes me want to join in and be part of it.

So I found these on YouTube and cheered myself up this evening singing along:

Even if you don’t sing, the Cambridge Singers’ renditions are utterly beautiful.



  1. I’ve been listening to Christmas songs non-stop too and I’m already sick of them 🙂 I need to expand my selection a bit. Diana Krall has a nice Christmas album.

  2. Although I’m not a big holiday person myself, I still enjoy the decor, music and the slower pace during the winter season. It’s a time where I feel a little more relaxed and snuggling under blankets makes it all the more better.

  3. Thank you for pointing us in this direction Denise – you are right, they are beautiful. I think I’ll use them myself both at home and in lesson time. I have one wonderful history teacher who puts quiet classical music on while the students are writing their notes up. It creates a marvellous calm atmosphere – her classes are a joy.
    What’s happening about your move – any updates imminent?

  4. I love John Rutter 🙂 Thank you for the link, I am getting fed up with my same old Christmas CD’s. I keep Classic FM on in the car all the time and at home every since last year when I was driving to ‘save’ Nicky on Christmas Eve and spent the most wonderful time with all my old favourite carols. I do love this time of year and well done for getting everyone into the festive spirit at work 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing the lovely Christmas song video… and for intro. me to John Rutter. I’m afraid here in Canada, choral music isn’t a strong tradition. Unlike my formative years growing up in Hong Kong (British influence) where I was particularly inspired by singing in an excellent school choir. What is Christmas without choral music? Thanks for posting this.

    • I sang in a school choir too and loved being able to harmonise all together. My children don’t have that tradition, and don’t have any feelings for this traditional music, but it brings back memories for me.

    • I have much on now! Looking forward to the 25th when I am at my parents’ and everything stops for a few days! Then have to come back to work on the Mon, Tue and Fri of the 2nd week of Christmas hols. Hope all is going well with you.

  6. I really like John Rutter. Beats Frosty the Snowman and his ilk which are piped to me in every store I visit. And the snowflakes are gorgeous. I laughed a lot at the idea of people saying ‘Arrghh’. I want some in my house, now. 🙂

    • Rutter is local to you, isn’t he? Is he visible on the local scene? He makes me feel extra Christmassy compared to the more commercial songs – we sang a lot of his compositions at school.

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