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I moved!

I moved house!

Here are my new neighbours



Here is the view down the street


And here is the roof terrace.


Oh, here is the house itself, it doesn’t look that great from the outside, but inside the rooms are lovely and big.


I have a landing and hallway now and it’s weird how not having those things, as countryside houses tend not to have, makes everything so much more difficult.  All your rooms tend to be corridors on the way to other rooms, which is annoying.  It used to be so difficult to clear up and clean and now it’s just easy, because we have enough space.  In fact, the kitchen is so big (over 8m long) that when I first moved in, I’d stand at the sink, look down the room and think, “My child is a long way away.”  Also because the carpet and wall colours are the same throughout, I got lost momentarily in the first few days and couldn’t immediately work out which way to turn to get to the different rooms.

Life is good in the town!  Although my dance teacher, who runs classes in both Brighton and Lewes, did describe the Lewes class as being full of “country people” which means that she has to adapt it accordingly 🙂



  1. I’m so pleased you’re enjoying your new home Denise, and are getting settled. An 8m kitchen sounds like my idea of heaven 🙂 can’t wait to finally meet you lovely!

    • It was really useful on Moving Day, where I had broken the first rule of – pack the kettle and tea bags separately and make tea for the movers as soon as you arrive. I’d managed to pack, but forgotten where that box was…

    • Happy now I have recovered. But yes, this is completely the right place for me to be living and it is very cute.

  2. Jennifer

    I’m so pleased! Your new neighborhood looks exciting, interesting and full of life ……….

    • It is, it’s really beautiful. I live near an Art Gallery too, which I will post about a bit later.

  3. It is encouraging that you have settled so well. We move in 2 days time and I am dreading it. I am sure that once we are in we will adapt quickly. Having a roof terrace sounds brilliant. Space is very liberating.

    • You’re moving again, Andrew? As you can see, I’ve been a bit out of touch recently. Good luck with your move.

    • thanks. You’re right, and it’s especially lively on Friday and Saturday nights! Always something happening 🙂

  4. I know those shops!!!!! So happy for you Denise…get that kettle on girl, I’ll be there asap 😀

  5. Lovely to be sorted in your new best in time for Easter. I hope you and the girls will be very happy there. Having space is very necessary as the family grows older!

    • Easter… and sunshine! It’s lovely basking by the big windows. Thanks for your good wishes and yes, I will never underestimate the benefits of space again.

    • It’s a really friendly bar with great cocktails too! I do feel lucky to look at beautiful buildings every day, and hills in the background.

  6. Denis Congratulation on your new place hope you are going to have great time there and enjoy every minute…Glade you settle in and love it, have fun X

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