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It was Bank Holiday and Waitrose was shut…

Waitrose may have been open earlier in the day, but it wasn’t at 6.30pm on Bank Holiday Monday, which was when I turned up.

As I had to go back to work on the Tuesday morning, this meant that I had to raid the fridge and work out what I could cook for breakfast and lunch, to leave for the LDs.

Thank goodness for lots of flour, butter and eggs.

This is “everything that was left in the fridge” flavour quiche – spinach and chive!


I have lost a box in my move 😦 I am short some pillows, a large bag of cat food and lots of utensils, such as potato masher, garlic crusher and pastry brush.  So an almost empty bottle of Pimms doubled up as a rolling pin tonight.  Also the bottom of my flan tin has gone missing, so I used my tarte tatin tin instead, which makes rubbish tarte tatin, because it always sticks to the bottom, but quite a good quiche, because all the filling doesn’t drip out of the bottom, as it does with the flan tin.

Then had to make something for breakfast, but no shiny glaze without the pastry brush – pouring it on didn’t have the same effect.


Then I finally got onto the thing I was originally planning on making:


These are a strange shape – they look like Zingy.


Turned them upside down, filled them and covered them with chocolate:


It’s the first time I’ve made these with creme pat in them.  I’ve decided I prefer them filled with creme pat to whipped cream, because I ate one in Paris and it was amazing.  The creme pat holds vanilla flavour really well.  I need to work on getting the choux pastry a bit crispier – I think my new oven runs a bit hotter than I am used to and I need to start taking a good twenty degrees off the recipe.

Funnily enough, these two recipes gave me almost exactly the right proportion of puff to cream! (but with 3/4 of the ingredients, because I only had three eggs)

Lastly, I am having a housewarming on Saturday and would like to make some lychee martinis, as I had one at the Ping Pong dim sum place over Christmas, and they were delicious.  I’ve seen various recipes with gin or vodka, lemon juice and lychee liqueur.  I didn’t have any vodka or gin though… hurrah for the small independent off licence!


This one is four measures vodka, four lychee and one lemon juice.  You’re supposed to top it up with an amount of lychee juice/drink as well, but I didn’t have any.  I think I’m going to have to add it back in for Saturday though as it’s a bit potent without.



  1. I imagine they were on Sunday trading hours hon, and they’re all closed all day on Easter Sunday (this and Xmas day are the only two days).

    Well done for cobbling together such a wonderful feast. I’ve had those lychee Martinis and they’re so yummy. Good luck with recreating them. Hope the party is a huge success 🙂

    • Yes, I think they must have been. I like to go about 6pm cos you get all the good bargains for things about to go out of date! Serves me right.

  2. Yum! Look at all those yummy treats you just whipped up. And lychee martini sounds very nice. Happy housewarming!

  3. You are very industrious Denise, amazing how you whip up these delicious dishes so easily. Any chance your missing box might turn up? That’s the thing about moving, getting used to new ovens and such. Different applicances definitely have a mind of their own. Have a wonderful housewarming 🙂

    • The profiteroles took ages. the recipe was full of instructions that said “Now leave to cool.”
      I wonder if the box was stolen while the back of the van was open on the street – how disappointing it would be to discover that your ill gotten gains were a whisk and some chopsticks?

      • Ha! Well, that is so disappointing but thankfully it’s stuff you can replace. Some weird Karma going on there for the person who took it, that’s for sure! I made profiteroles once…I say once!!!

  4. That’s impressive cooking from someone with an empty fridge! When mine is empty it contains ice and a few tupperware with prehistoric specimens in them and that is all. Your house looks much more promising for leftovers! Hope you had a fabulous housewarming with that splendid cocktail!

  5. Hope you’ve settled down a bit by now, Denise, and hope too that you’ve found your lost box. A new home and kitchen should be enticement enough for some new recipes or old faves. Happy cooking!

  6. Yea! Yea! Yea! Hooray!

    Your neighborhood looks fabulously convenient and walkable. Wishing you and your LD’s happiness and peace and everything good.


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