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Five Photos, Five Stories Day 4

I am so tired I almost didn’t post today!

In fact, I cheated.  Today’s photo was taken by LD#2.  I picked up my new phone yesterday.  I now have an iPhone 5S (oh yes, I am hi tech and cutting edge, me) and LD#2 was very interested in seeing what the camera was like.  She took this random picture of us, once using my phone and again using her iPod.  We agreed that they were both clear, but the colour was more naturalistic on mine.

Then she took this picture of my bird.


My friend Sarah made this. I can’t remember if I have mentioned this story, but Sarah once gave me one of her non-saleable birdbaths for my garden (it was still very nice!) When I was moving, I thought about taking it with me, but it was so heavy that I really didn’t feel like I could ask my long suffering removal men to lift it, and I didn’t have anywhere to put it.  I really hoped that Sarah wouldn’t ask about it, but she did!  There was a bit of an awkward moment, but I explained that I really couldn’t have had it on my roof terrace, and that I had planned to buy one of her ceramic birds to replace it.

I chose this one because it has some imperfect spots – it got dripped on by something above, and I really like the way that highlights the unpredictability of a salt glaze firing.  The spots also make it look more like a bird in nature would, and it means that it looks different from both sides, so you get double your interesting views.

Finally one of me.  This phone actually takes decent selfies, unlike my iPhone 4, which used to do a weird convex distortion on my nose.




  1. Great pics! I’ve still got a 4S which seems like a dinosaur now but it works really well so I can’t justify getting a new one.

  2. That’s a wonderful sculpture… or at least the photo angle makes it appear so. So, what was your motivation to place it at that location?


  3. The iPhones are just like a constant companion nowadays. Almost can’t live without it… all my calendar events, appointments etc. are there, emails, SMS, photos, music, Internet, and like your LD#2, a powerful pocket camera as well. Can we reverse the trend? Ummm…

  4. Hi Denise! Congtats on the new camera! I felt like I was moving into the modern age with my Samsung S5…and then they brought the S6 right after! Lovely pics…hope you got my email 🙂 I’m back to blogging again now but still without my laptop…a long story. It’s lost somewhere in the Czech Republic 😦

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