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Review: Breaking Bad

Sometimes life can feel a bit like this: Keeping up with TV drama now main cause of stress

I’m now on Series Three of Breaking Bad, the story of how chemistry teacher Walter White becomes a crystal meth manufacturer, and it’s picking up a bit.  Series One  was slow, albeit with the odd memorable scene, such as the famous bath scene, and it felt as if the storyline in Series Two was massively padded out by Walt and Jesse’s incompetence (although again some great set pieces, such as the one with the neglected kid and the ATM machine).

Series Three is just really really funny!  Walt’s personality flaws get him into all sorts of conflicts; Walt and Skylar’s marriage breakdown makes Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf look staid; and even though it’s a bit OTT, I really like the set up with the fixer/lawyer Saul.  As Jesse explains to Walt, “You don’t want a criminal *lawyer*… you want a *criminal* lawyer.



  1. Good to hear it gets better! I’ve seen the first couple of episodes but then lost interest. I might pick it up again sometime soon….

  2. My son borrowed the boxed set. Started off watching it half heartedly, then I even found him sneaking home at lunchtime to watch a bit more. He was hooked! I saw snatches of it and thought it had possibilities. I think I must have dropped in on the humorous bits – I liked the scenarios.

    • Definitely good scenarios and they are all character driven – I love the lack of sentimentality, so even though Walt is ill, he and his family behave really badly, albeit for well intentioned reasons.

  3. After we finished The Shield, I suggested to my wife that we watch Breaking Bad. She said “No, can’t we watch something cheerful? How about Game of Thrones?” Draw your own conclusions about how that worked out…

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