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Review: Moomins on the Riviera

I said, “Let’s see a film. There’s one on about the French dance and club scene.”

Children looked blankly at me.

“Or we could see the Moomins.”

“Yay! Moomins!” Faces lit up all round.

This film is based on Tove Jansson’s comic strip, which is lighter and less weird than the books.

I found it a bit slow as it had no plot save your usual “commoners amongst high society” themes. But I really enjoyed the joke about the wannabe artist who only made elephants. Also when he tried to use the elephant as payment, it would only cover part of the expense and so he offered up more, to which the response was “Now your elephants are completely worthless – too many of them.”

LD#1 enjoyed seeing a Moomin cover themselves with drink by mistake and LD#2 liked the Moomins in bikinis jokes. She thought that the film was really good.

Something for all the family here.



  1. I had to laugh about the artist who only made elephants – I immediately thought that he must have attended Activity Week at my school!
    I remember the Moomins from when Son was small – he was absolutely terrified of Little Mai. Interestingly, when I was in John Lewis a while ago, I see there is now a range of Moomin themed China. Sadly they were out of stock of the Little Mai mugs, otherwise I would’ve bought one 😆

    • We went to the poster shop today and there was one very full on mugshot of Little Mai. My kids chose three posters, one with a Moomin and rainbow, one with Moomin and flowers, and LD#1 wanted Snuffkin, to be a bit different.
      I don’t think I liked Little Mai either when I was young! My kids appreciate she’s a great character now, as she is able to say all the things everyone else is too polite to say.
      I thought of your elephants during the film too!

  2. Oh I hadn’t heard about this film. My kids have a couple of Moomin books but you didn’t like it very much? Maybe I’ll wait for DVD.

    • I think they will love it and they will love you for taking them. Although it is true that cinema is not a cheap option these days…

    • Oh actually if you have Song of the Sea on near you, see that instead (reviewing tomorrow)! The kids will think it’s OK, but you will love it, and then you can get the Moomins on a DVD.

  3. I have a Moomin book that I keep meaning to read. I heard Moomin Midwinter described as being like ‘someone invited Kierkegaard round on a play date’ and this was utterly irresistible. I had no idea there was a film! Not surprised it was plotless though (see above).

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