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Happy Christmas music

Happy Christmas!

Last year at work, we started with the Christmas music far too early (1st December), which meant that by the time three weeks later we finally broke up, I’d found the same album on loop so traumatising that we didn’t even venture near the idea until a week from the end.

Even a couple of run throughs were quite distressing, though, so thank goodness for Sufjan Stevens who, as well as being the bearer of all tunes soft and wistful, was revealed by a quick Google search to be probably the the prolific source of Christmas albums that the music world has ever seen, ten of them I think in total.

For anyone fed up with the traditional Christmas aural fare, here is a link to his page, complete with groovy, non-traumatising songs.

Also, I’ve included a belated picture of my Timbatree.  It’s just so much easier to decorate than a normal tree, and produced by an environmentally aware company too.



  1. Wow Denise, that tree is amazing, definitely one for when the kids are a bit older! I’ve overdosed on Xmas music this year.

    Wishing you and the girls a fabulous week and wonderful start to the new year. Much love to you all xxx

  2. The tree is excellent. I suspect a lot lower maintenance than a ‘real’ tree. I watched the festival of 9 lessons and carols from Kings. That was enough music for me.

    • Oh, I do like a good 9 lessons and carols. Really gets you in the mood because of it being a Christmas Eve, and there are only 9 of them, less is more.

  3. I do so agree with you about starting Christmas too early. When I was teaching primary children preparations for events like carol concerts and Christmas plays would start in November! It is so much easier now – as long as I keep out of shopping centres. Have a wonderful holiday and love from us all.

    • I think the Bluewater traffic chaos that was on the news is a warning to us all to keep out of shopping centres near Christmas. Those poor people. Happy Christmas to you!

  4. Kat

    Sufjan Stevens is a great alternative to the usual Christmas music. I also love the Smith & Burrows Christmas album, which you almost never hear. It’s Tom Smith of the Editors and Andy Burrows – I think he was in Razorlight but he’s better known now for doing the music from The Snowman and the Snowdog.

    • Thanks for that tip! This is an album that will definitely go on the office playlist next year. Beautiful lush arrangements and voices, but not overpowering.

  5. I love how you’ve decorated your Timba tree. It looks fantastic!

    I’ve been listening to Christmas music since November 🙂 I’ll give your playlist a try.

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