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Review: Star Wars!

One of the things that I find difficult about being around my sister is the proximity of the evangelical church to conversation. She has a tendency to dump some member of the extended evangelical community on top of any situation we might be discussing and start asserting conclusions from this. It drives me insane because I don’t know these people, and whatever is relevant to them in their situation is pretty unlikely to be relevant to the one we are discussing.

My mum is not so bad, limiting her church conversations to slightly dull ramblings about the political goings on in hers.  But the other day, when she was telling us about a recent sermon in which the pastor was trying to argue that Star Wars was based on the Christian story, Isabel shook her head and said, solemnly tongue in cheek, “No, Jesus wasn’t in Star Wars.”

On Christmas Eve there were three families in the cinema to watch The Good Dinosaur (quite a weird film, also no good jokes) but it was packed yesterday for Star Wars.

It was perfectly done fan fiction, bringing together all the best known themes, scenes and jokes from the original three films. (I don’t count the most recent three.)  I wouldn’t say better than, rather, the most perfect conclusion to.  It was also the perfect length – I couldn’t believe that it came in the same as the traditional Star Wars two hours because so much happened in the narrative. I think it was because the fight and chase scenes were cut short well before reaching the point of tedium.

Without spoilering, I would say that the one improvement they could have made was a better premise for Luke Skywalker’s disappearance than that he’d gone off in a huff to live on Craggy Island. It was a pretty lame reason for all the death and destruction of planets that ensued as everyone tried to find him. But then, Luke Skywalker was always the lamest of the Star Wars characters, so maybe it was just another joke?



  1. Have to say I also find it super annoying when people bang on and on about folk I have never met and will never meet… Hubby is off to see Star Wars today, he’s about as excited as the girls were seeing Frozen for the first time #bigkid

    • I have to say I used to do it too before I learned to embrace discussion of the bigger picture. I do hate the feeling though that it is a way of avoiding talking about things that are either too personal or too political, by just turning into a general nothing.
      I hope hubby enjoys Star Wars, it was a wonderful feeling reliving childhood memories of Christmas telly watching.

  2. Alas I have never seen a Star Wars film so can’t understand the plot. I suspect however it’s more interesting than the evangelical stuff. I did enjoy Butch Cassidy.

    • I suspect the plot underpins/spans the plot of many adventure stories before and since, and indeed many stories that aren’t adventures. Not Butch Cassidy, though. I enjoyed that film too.

  3. Denise,

    You’ll be surprised that, as a frequent movie viewer, I’ve not seen a Star Wars movie and don’t intend to. What you said here sounds like when The Matrix first came out, people were saying how deep it was, how much religious undertones running through its themes, Eastern and Western fusion of philosophy and ideas…. etc. Anyway, I’ve removed myself out of such kinds of discussion forum and that sure had saved me a lot of time. 😉

  4. Happy New Year Denise! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I love your review, spot on. We watched it on New Year’s Day and thoroughly enjoyed it, reminding us of the original in every way. But yes, I totally agree about Luke Skywalker, sulking like that. But a perfect set up for the next one…although without Hans Solo? Say it ain’t so…..

    • 🙂 Was a bit of a shock about Han, wasn’t it? Doesn’t he look great for 73 years old?? Although I can see why they thought that enough was enough.
      Hope 2016 is fabulous for you xx

      • Yes, he is magnificent, lol 😀 It was time I suppose…but still…the end of an era… Thanks Denise, and the same for you. I will email soon. Really must meet up… xxx

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