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I haven’t made any New Year resolutions for, well, years.  I traditionally shy away from both New Year and birthday celebrations, because they’ve always resounded with years escaping, never to return.  But more dismayingly, it’s inconceivable that you’re going to stick to your New Year’s resolutions for the rest of your life.  Therefore, haven’t all resolutions been invented only to be broken?  Why would you set a poor helpless resolution up for that?

My Guardian feed suggested to me yesterday an article on how to make resolutions work by making sure that they turn into habits:

(Although I don’t think I’m any of the listed personality types – upholder/questioner/obliger/rebel.  I’m just someone who has quite an awkward lifestyle.)

Also, someone else emailed me yesterday and asked me what my resolution was.  His was to procrastinate less.  And strangely, for someone who remains ambivalent about the concept, recent changes in my life have meant that I have been thinking of ways of changing my habits in order to stay on top of everything.  In other words, I suppose, time for resolutions.

Keeping it simple, my two resolutions are:

  1. Make sure the kitchen is tidy at the end of each day.  The rest of the house, for various reasons, can go to pot.  For example, the living room remains at constant risk from other family members.  And my own bedroom is even worse, being the first to slide in times of crisis, since it multi-functions as both laundry centre and paperwork park.  But the prospect of coming downstairs to fresh coffee and a clean start might be enough to get me out of bed.
  2. Linked to the above, waste less time, ie get up straight away instead of just thinking about it.  Try to do more of the things that I need to do, and which I also find rewarding in themselves: cook, clean, school governor things, read, write, exercise, and not necessarily in that order of importance.  I’ve left off the most important activity, which is sleeping.  If we (my friend The Guardian and I) are talking about understanding ourselves, then the reasons I procastinate are either that I’m too tired to get into gear, or that I’m anxious that if I ramp up the activity level, it’s going to leave me too buzzing to sleep.  Therefore I’m going to try to let go of the idea of sleeping at prescribed times, and let my body tell me yay or nay.

So, how am I doing, one day in?

I tidied the kitchen last night, which earns a big tick.

This evening, I was going to go to the gym, but decided that after a morning out walking, I wasn’t feeling quite up to it.  Fine.  So I wrote this post instead.  And I feel good.






    • Maybe it helps with your crafting, although I’m sure it reaches a point. It’s similar to the way I sometimes read a lot of articles about exercising instead of exercising (or going to sleep because I’m too tired to exercise.)

  1. Jennifer

    It’s odd but I can get out of bed once we go back to standard time. I wish they’d leave it alone – why do we have to have daylight savings time? Anyway I sleep like a sloth in the spring and summer. I’m barely awake by 10. And starting in October, I’m up at 6!!!!!! I have nowhere near your schedule – you work, you’re raising teenage daughters, you volunteer on every board imaginable – it’s good if you can do the kitchen – otherwise? Screw it!

    • I enjoy doing the kitchen though, so it’s all good. Having said that, I’m only 2 days in. We shall see 🙂

  2. The only resolution I keep every year is to refrain from any form of chocolate consumption from New Years Day till Easter. I’ve been doing this for years and it’s a great way to test the will power as well as shedding a few pounds and feeling generally smug.

    • That’s a good idea of how to do resolutions – with an end date in mind. Quite an achievement too – I’m not sure I could cope. I’m not a big fan of milk or white, but dark chocolate is something else…

  3. Congrats just on making resolutions, Denise. And these two sound doable. I wish you all the best in following through. And, all best wishes for a rewarding year ahead! With those resolutions fulfilled, I’m sure you’ll have a rewarding one. 🙂

  4. Arrgh…I know that tiredness and I can’t keep on top of things either! It sounds like you did well on the first day though and listening to your body is the best thing I think. I gave up on New Year resolutions years ago, thinking I’m happy if I can just achieve one or two goals for each day, my effort at protection from constant derailment. I did post about a mantra though for the year ahead, something about champagne…cheers Denise 🙂

    • Sorry, my BT account got hacked and all my contacts were stolen (I think this may have happened over unsecured network when I checked my phone.) Then when people reply, the scammer changes to their own Gmail account. I can’t even begin to contact all the people who have been contacted – it sent to every person I have emailed, which is horrendous.
      Sorry again.

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